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By submitting this application, you authorize Hakka Brothers Corp, to make inquiries into banking and business/trade references that you have supplied. In consideration of the granting and extension of credit from Seller to the undersigned, it is hereby agreed that the undersigned will promptly pay all sums when due. In the event of non-payment, the undersigned hereby agrees to pay in addition to the principal due amount, interest of 1.0% per month (not exceed 10% per year), plus reasonable attorne/s fees and court costs. In addition, accounts that are past due more than 10 days will automatically be placed on Cash Before Delivery terms. The laws of the State of California shall be applicable to any suits arising from this agreement. In the event of litigations, venue shall be in the county of Alameda, State of California.


In the consideration of the extension of credit by Seller, herein to Buyer, the undersigned does jointly, severally and personally guaranty to pay and be responsible for payments of all sums, balances, and accounts due to Seller by Buyer, including collection charges and/or attorney fees. This shall be an open and continuing guaranty and shall continue to enforce not withstanding any chance in the form of such indebtedness, or renewals or extension granted by Seller, without obtaining any consent thereto, and until expressly revoked by written notice from me/us to the Seller. Any such revocation shall not be in any manner af feet my/our liability as to an indebtedness existing prior thereto. lAve hereby waive notice of the acceptance of this agreement, notice of default or non-payment and waive action require by any statue, against the Buyer. No delay on Seller's part in exercising any right hereunder, or taking any action to collect or enforce payment of any obligation hereby guaranteed, any manner prejudice Seller's right against me/us. l/we agree that in the event of any default at any time said Buyer, Seller shall be entitled to look to me/us immediately for full payment without prior demand or notice.