Hakka Sausage Stuffer 11 Lb/5 L Two Fill Rate Spray-painted Steel Vertical 5-11 Lb Sausage Maker (Refurbished)

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    Section SubtitleHakka Spray -painted Sausage Stuffer  Vertical Sausage Maker (11LB/5L(CV-5))
    • Equipped with Two fill rates system , easy to use and quick.

    • 2-Speed used more quick and smoothly.

    • All parts that contact food directly are reach up SGS food hygiene standard.

    • 4 different diameter S/S nozzle (Φ10mm ,Φ20 mm,Φ30 mm,Φ40 mm).

    • All Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer (All Stainless Steel Base Plate, Cylinder, Stuffing Tubes & Canister. Piston includes an air release).



    Clear up counter space while providing your customers with specialty sausages with this HAKKA CV-3L 7b. vertical manual sausage stuffer! 

    Whether you're making kielbasa, chorizo,  or bratwurst, this stuffer has what it takes   to give you consistent links or ropes of   sausage. Its vertical design delivers   reliable  performance while taking up  minimal counter space. Plus, it's easy-to- use and easy-to-maintain construction  will  keep your sausage-making operation   running at maximum effciency.  

    Multiple Tube Attachments

    Included with this stuffer are4 different diameter plastic nozzle  (Φ10mm ,Φ20 mm,Φ30 mm,Φ40 mm)funnels so you can make snack sticks, sausage, and luncheon meats without needing to buy any additional accessories. The four sizes of funnels allows you to use nearly infinite sizes of collagen, fibrous, and natural casings to make your special dishes.

    Durable Construction

    Type 201 stainless steel sides and a removable type 304 stainless steel tilt out canister ensure long-lasting durability as well as quick and simple cleaning. It also features a heavy base and large rubber feet to ensure stability while in use.

    Ultimate Control

    The stuffer has enclosed steel gears that turn with two speed options so you can easily attach the handle to a fast-or-slow-turning shaft, combining with a pressure relief valve to offer precise control over your product's consistency. The handle and gear design give you greater leverage and make turning and stuffing sausage easier than ever.

    HAKKA Sausage Stuffers

    Hakka sausage stuffers allow you to easily create consistent links or ropes of sausage! With a durable, user-friendly design, these sausage stuffers are ideal for preparing snack sticks, specialty sausages, or breakfast sausages.

    Cylinder Dia.xl(mm)

    Our machine works harder, so you don't have to. Making sausage has never been fun and easier! The Hakka Sausage Stuffer cylinder tilts back for convenient filling also includes a metal piston with an air release valve which allows air to escape up and out of the top instead of into the sausage casing. “NEW” Hakka Sausage Stuffer; for home use. Our advanced design will provide years of trouble free operation. The stainless steel frame securely locks the stainless steel meat cylinder into place and reduces movement of the cylinder during operation. The re-designed frame adds to the stuffer over-all stability and perfectly aligns the piston inside the cylinder to reduce O-ring friction. Especially hardened resin gears are mounted on a double threaded steel rod for smooth, seamless operation and exceptional control over output of meat into casings


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