Hakka Commercial Hamburger Press Maker and Burger Press (5"Burger Press) [HMG-130]

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    Hakka Commercial Hamburger Press Maker and Burger Press 

    • Commercial Hamburger Press Made of Stainless Steel.
    • Burger Press has Rubber feet for anti skid.
    • Ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Trucks, Hunters. Make Hamburgers, Sausage, Veggie Burgers, Crab Cakes.
    • Commercial Hamburger Press makes up to 500 Hamburgers an Hour.
    • Makes 5" diameter patties, 3/4" thick.


    Making burgers is a breeze with the HAKKA HMG130 hamburger patty molding press.

    Demo LogoJust press down on the easy-to-use lever to create pristine patties that are sure to impress and satisfy your hungry customers. Whether you specialize in burgers, or own your own diner or cafe, you'll find yourself using this portion control tool all day. It also stores easily and saves essential counter space, thanks to its compact, ergonomic design. Using this patty molding press doesn't just create a consistent, gourmet appearance to your hamburgers and patties, but saves you precious space, time, and money!

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    Uniform 1/3 lb. Patties

    In a fast-paced kitchen, weighing and sculpting each patty by hand expends a lot of time and money, which are crucial in the foodservice industry. With this press, you can ensure that each patty is 1/3" in diameter and exactly 1/3 lb. of meat, which will help to exponentially increase your yield and profit.

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    Detachable Holder

    During operation, don't forget to take advantage of the unit's convenient wax paper holder. Plus, when it's time to store the unit, the wax paper holder can be removed to best fit your storage space.

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    Aluminum Base

    The press features an anodized aluminum base designed for high volume use.

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    Stainless Steel Bowls

    The stainless steel bowls offer a durable, heavy-duty construction for your busy kitchen.

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    Easy-to-Use Handle

    Creating uniform burger patties is as easy as pressing down on the handle to form the meat and releasing it to remove the patty. With such a simple process you will streamline your burger-making capabilities.