Hakka Electric Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizers (7 Inch)

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    Hakka Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer ETS 737

    • Maximum cutting width is 7inch/175 MM
    • One row of blade have 37 knives
    • All stainless steel construction
    • Equipped with a circuit breaker for safe use
    • Make classic tasty steak,Safe&Easy use



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    Hakka Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer (7 inch/125mm-37 knife)

    Commercial-Grade | For Business and Commercial Use

    With this handy kitchen device, you won't have to use chemical tenderizers that can alter the taste of your meats, and you can forget about hammers, mallets, or breakable saucers and plates, even rolling pins and waxed paper to do your tenderizing or flattening·

    This machine is well-knit construciton, Easy to disassemble housing , convience to clean andassemble with no tools, raisonne stainless steel knives lengthed entrance and outlet, more safe,

    • Maximum cutting width is 7 inch/125 MM.
    • One row of blade have 37 knives.
    • Also can be fit with TC12 divien by electric.
    • All stainless steel construction.Easy use and clean.
    • All parts that contact food directly are reach up SGS food hygiene standard.

    • Well-kit deisn.

    • Make classic tasty steak.

    • Safe &Easy use.

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    Tenderize meat quickly and easily with the 

    Hakka ETS-737 manual meat tenderizer!

    This durable tenderizer allows you to soften the fibers of a variety of meats, making them easier for your customers to chew and digest. It also helps widen, thin, and even out meats so they will cook faster and keep your kitchen running smoothly during busy serving hours.

    Dual Blade Assemblies

    The meat tenderizer boasts dual blade assemblies with 37 stainless steel blades that effectively slice through connective tissues without tearing the meat, while 2 steel combs help guide the meat and prevent jamming.

    Easy to Clean

    When it's time to clean up, this slicer is easily disassembled for easy sanitization. Make a tough job easy with this handy jerky slicer! 

      Using innovative Knit-Knife stainless steel blades to cut meat and, at the same time knit it so firmly together that it will cook as one solid steak, the Hakka TS 737 meat tenderizer ensures a consistent result every time. Butchers, delis, and many other commercial kitchens can make use of this premier technology!